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Stair Remodel

Stair Remodel:

A stair rail remodel is a common home improvement project. Stairs are typically not a high priority when it comes to remodeling. Consider this though; the stair case is typically the focal point of the entire home, as it can be seen from both the first and second floors. Updating your rail system will change the overall appearance of your entire home, while adding value.

Most remodels can be accomplished with minimal disruption to your home. Contact Titan Stairs to discuss design ideas, options and details. We are able to complete most remodels in 3 to 5 days. Lead times will vary, depending on our schedule and the materials involved. We do stock a wide variety of products and most remodels are scheduled within 3 weeks.

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Custom Stairs

Custom Stairs:

There are many decisions to make and items to be considered when building a brand new custom home. At Titan Stairs, we can assist in making the stairs one of those less stressful decisions. We often work with Architects, Designers and Homeowners on the full spectrum of stair related items. There are many codes requirements, functionality concerns and design related aspects to consider. We tie in all of these factors and can work with you to design and layout your stair system.

There are many stock products and selections to choose from. If you are looking for a one of a kind stair case or a special feature, we can help. We have a full, in house, mill and have capabilities to construct those truly custom items.

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Half Wall Removal

Half Wall Removal:

Many homes being built today have a half wall (pony wall) going up the stairs or at the loft. If you have those dreaded half walls in your home, you are not stuck, you have options. We can remove the half wall and replace it with open rail. Opening up a room or stair way will increase the visibility, while making the space feel larger and more inviting.

Removing a half wall is not a difficult process. The wall will be taken down in sections and in most cases can be completed within a matter of hours. Electrical outlets and flooring at the location may need to be considered, but we can usually work around. Once the wall is removed, there will be drywall repair, texture and paint touch up. If you have the original paint, the walls can typically be touched up. If the paint is not available, the entire wall will need to be painted. If you’d like, we can take care of the drywall, but plan on handling the paint. Please talk to our Representative for more information. Drywall dust is very fine and will get airborne. We will protect and cleanup the immediate area, but expect a bit more dust cleanup after a pony wall removal.

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Custom Wood Work

Custom Wood Work:

At Titan Stairs, we are more than just stairs. We also construct a wide variety of custom wood products: fireplace surrounds, wainscoting, entertainment centers, built-ins and wine racks to name a few. All of our wood work is built custom to fit your particular space and needs.

Our Installers are true Carpenters, which allows us to be quite versatile in our wood work. We can assist in the design and layout of your specific project. Contact Titan Stairs to discuss in more detail.

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Stain and Finish

Stain and Finish:

Stain and finish is a crucial part to any wood work. A properly prepped and finished product will bring out the true natural beauty and luster of wood.

Keep in mind that all wood does not grow in the same colors. Wood will naturally grow in different shades and colors. For example, two pieces of cherry wood from the same tree may be completely different colors. That contributes to ‘The natural beauty of wood”. The color of the wood will be influenced by texture, grain porosity and species. Applying stain helps to more evenly distribute a common color throughout the wood. Staining is just one part; wood must be properly sanded, sealed and protected.

We offer a wide variety of stain color options at Titan Stairs. We can complement flooring, cabinetry and decor. Our Finishers are experts in the field of stain and finish. We will properly stain and protect all of our work in order to leave you with the highest quality product that will last many years to come.

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